An advisor recommending investment strategies that he himself invests in.

In 1987, after retiring from a successful financial advisory career, Randall Sanada Sr. opened a new office to manage the Sanada family’s holdings. It was not long after, other individuals, families, and businesses wished to invest alongside an accomplished advisor and his family. They were drawn by a strong value proposition: an advisor recommending investment strategies that he invests in. As a result of addressing the conflicts of interest that plagued the financial services industry, Randall aligned clients and advisors to a common purpose. 

This simple yet fundamental premise allowed clients invaluable access to an advisor within a relationship based on trust and confidence.
In 1990, Alliance Advisory & Securities was created through the purchase of a Registered Investment Advisor and a Broker Dealer. Soon after, other successful advisors began to embrace the concept of investing alongside their clients, and they joined the firm. In the early ‘90s, the second generation of the Sanada family joined the firm. Around that time, the firm supplemented its initial value proposition by investing with clients in alternative investments to further create new wealth. Clients were now able to diversify their holdings by purchasing interests in business enterprises, apartment buildings, shopping malls, and storage complexes in addition to investing in more traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Our Vision & Values

We define meaningful wealth as the intersection of met needs, responsible behavior, significant contribution to others, a solid generational legacy, personal contentment, and spiritual alignment. Wealth is an achievement and a responsibility, and at Alliance, we carry a responsibility to steward and navigate our clients’ wealth toward well-thought-out goals. Wealth should be considered as one element in a life well lived. It is to be passed on, from generation to generation, with its responsibility and accountability intact. The work of Alliance co-creates with and for our clients a conscious orientation and understanding of what wealth means and the options and opportunities it affords.

There is a significant difference between creating substantial wealth and meaningful wealth. The growth of one’s net worth can be accomplished through hard work, discipline, and superior business acumen. Without discounting the above, the creation of meaningful wealth is accomplished when these strengths are surrounded by a team of advisors whose competency is the integration of financial decisions with life’s meaningful goals. This is not to say that financial decisions have no meaning, but it is to say they can conflict with meaningful life goals if not attended to.

The Alliance Core Values

Teamwork: Integrating the expertise of multiple financial disciplines.
Excellence: Expertise through credentialed advisors.
Accountability: Practicing transparency in all things.
Ministry: Serving others regardless of their status.
Stewardship: Serving the clients’ best interest.

We will listen and add confidence to your ideas, plans, and needs.
We will advise you with proven wisdom and experience.
We will plan for you with deep diligence and grounded conscience.
We will execute for you seamlessly.
We will communicate with you transparently.
We will be thankful for the opportunity to serve you.

Our Philanthropy

Guiding Advisors and Clients in creating Generations of Generosity.
Partner with us in supporting these and other values-based organizations:

Christian Foundation of America is a charitable community foundation serving Donors with charitable giving funds, legacy and estate charitable planning services and funds management. We also serve churches and Christian charities with planned giving, endowment and other charitable funds management services.

As an institution of Christian higher education, Eternity exists to glorify God through graduates whose lives are transformed by rigorous study of the Bible as Scripture, impassioned love for God, and gracious service in the church for the world.

Kingdom Advisors is a community of Christian financial professionals integrating faith and practice for Kingdom impact. We exist for advisors who desire to: Realize purpose and fulfillment in the workplace, Offer meaningful, eternally focused counsel to clients, Join with like-minded advisors for encouragement, support and best practices, Have a positive impact on the financial paradigms in our culture.


Helping Advisors guide their clients to sustained financial freedom through biblical wisdom.


The creation of meaningful wealth is accomplished when clients are surrounded by a team of advisors whose competency is the integration of financial decisions with life’s meaningful goals.


Serving the clients’ best interest at all times

Practice transparency in everything we do

Delivering value beyond expectations

Integrating the expertise of the multiple financial disciplines

Serving others regardless of their status